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As the world runs scarce on some resources, you have to find new ways to get the material out of the ground. 

 Apache Sales Inc. has been one of the leading providers of all of your necessary tools to get the job done.

When you choose an industrial solution, you also need to have the people to keep the wheels greased.


Apache Sales Inc. has you covered.

about us

Our line of paints, oils and degreasers are among the many chemicals that we offer to keep any space clean and neat.




  • Fasnteners
  • shop supplies
  • hand tools
  • power tools
  • pressure washers
  • generators
  • chain and wire rope


Apache Sales Inc. has been a industry leader in the Permian Basin for over 30 years. Our business has adapted to the needs of our customers in the industry. We provide a full line of products including a multitude of fastners, hand tools, power tools (electric, pneumatic and hydraulic). Hardware products, safety equipment such as PPE and flags, signs and banners. Rigging products include wire rope, chain, hooks and lifting hardware. We also carry a large selection of chemicals including lubriacation, penetrating oils, cleaning supplies and bulk rags. Our product lines are continuously expanding. As of now we carry around 40,000 line items.

Apache Sales Inc., under the Apache Rigging Division, our certified rigging shop currently leads the way in our area for safety for our customers. Due to changes in OSHA and ASME regulations we are now expanding our business to help our customers stay in compliance. We inspect and certify or re-certify all of your rigging; including full proof testing with our new fully mobile test bed out on your location.



From hand tools and power tools, to our full line of fastners. We have everything you need to make every job the best job.